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Release of the Report of the Auditor General ― November 2006

The Auditor General of Alberta released his November 2006 Report today. This report contains the results of six audits that were not ready for the October 2006 Annual Report of the Auditor General. We normally report once a year, but the lessons to be learned regarding the purpose of controls in maintaining integrity are worthy of immediate consideration.

We have made 12 recommendations with two key themes:

  • effective systems depend on the integrity and skills of the people who use them
  • effective contract management is essential to maintain integrity and achieve value for money

The overall lesson is that management must ensure their organizations have well-designed controls that are operating effectively. The report includes a Snapshot that lists the detailed lessons (pages 1 and 2) followed by tables (pages 3 and 4) that provide a summary of the findings, recommendations, risks, and lessons learned from each audit.

The six systems audits are:

  • Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission—Contracting practices (page 9)
  • Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development
    • Referral to the Chief Electoral Office (page 19)
    • Métis Settlements Ombudsman (page 19)
  • Infrastructure and Transportation—Capital grants to Métis Settlements (page 23)
  • Lakeland College—Contracting practices (page 27)
  • Post Secondary Institutions:
    • Contracting practices (page 35)
    • General computer controls (page 41)
  • Agriculture, Food and Rural Development—Expense accounts (page 45)
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