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Reports from the Auditor General to the Members of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta

Albertans are not well served by manipulation of the accountability process

Today, a newspaper published an article based on a leak of the content of the Auditor General’s soon-to-be-released report on the Alberta Securities Commission’s Enforcement System.

This is the second premature disclosure of the work of the Auditor General in the last twelve days. With respect to the first breach of trust, we have not yet been able to determine the source of the leak. With respect to this second leak to the media, we will begin a second review immediately.

Both these unauthorized disclosures to the media interfere with the integrity of the audit process thereby treating the Legislative Assembly with disrespect. The long-established legislative requirement that reports of the Auditor General be made available to all mlas simultaneously and before any public release is designed to protect the integrity of the parliamentary process, including the independence of the legislative auditor.

We will do our best to find out who it is who seeks to gain an advantage by leaking audit results. Until the source of the leaks is identified, many groups of people, including our staff and senior management of the audited organizations, remain under a cloud of suspicion. As a last resort, we may have to change how and to whom we provide draft reports.

Under section 20.1(1) of the Auditor General Act, the report on the Alberta Securities Commission’s Enforcement System will be delivered to the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly for distribution to each Member on Thursday, October 27, at 11 a.m.

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