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Status of the audit of Seniors Core Services and Programs

The Office of the Auditor General is auditing Seniors Core Services and Programs in Alberta . The audit objective is to determine whether the Ministries of Health and Wellness and Seniors and Community Supports have systems to ensure that their responsibilities for seniors core services and programs are fulfilled and that objectives are met. We are examining systems for the following core services and programs:

  • Continuing care and housing services in long-term care facilities
  • Alberta Seniors Benefits program, and
  • Senior Citizens Lodge program

What we have left to do

We plan to meet with a number of professional associations, as well as special interest groups who have forwarded submissions to us. Also, our draft report will be discussed with the Ministries involved and with the Regional Health Authorities. These meetings are part of normal audit practice where management is given an opportunity to comment on our findings and to discuss our recommendations. Then, as required by the Auditor General Act, our report will be presented to the Provincial Audit Committee.

Release date

A date for discussing our report with the Provincial Audit Committee has not yet been set but we are hopeful that our report can be released publicly before the middle of May 2005.

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