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Report of the Auditor General of Alberta - April 2008 Released

The Auditor General of Alberta, Fred J. Dunn, FCA, released his Report of the Auditor General of Alberta—April 2008 today. His report includes the results of four major systems audits:

  • Post-secondary institutions—non-credit programs (page 15)—Advanced Education and Technology can significantly improve its systems to monitor post-secondary institutions’ non-credit programs. The Department needs to clarify its standards and expectations for non-credit programs and clearly communicate them to public post-secondary institutions. Similarly, public post-secondary institutions need to improve their systems to approve programs, evaluate their quality, and measure and report the costs of providing them.
  • Implementing the Provincial Mental Health Plan (page 63)—systems exist to monitor progress on the Provincial Mental Health Plan, but they are not well designed and cannot confirm that the Plan as a whole has successfully progressed. The Department of Health and Wellness and the Alberta Mental Health Board need to improve their systems to plan, monitor, and report on the Plan. They also need to ensure that organizations implementing the Plan clearly understand their roles, responsibilities, and performance expectations.
  • Seniors care and programs follow-up audit (page 95)—we followed up on four key recommendations from our 2005 Report on Seniors Care and Programs. We found that the Departments of Health and Wellness and Seniors and Community Supports have implemented our recommendations to update standards and develop systems to apply them, and made satisfactory progress toward developing systems to monitor compliance with the standards. Regional Health Authorities generally made satisfactory progress in developing systems to implement the standards, but are at various stages in developing compliance monitoring programs.
  • Manage Information Technology (IT) risks (page 167)—government departments as a whole need to do a better job identifying risks to their systems and data. Service Alberta, in conjunction with all ministries and through CIO Council, needs to develop and promote a comprehensive IT control framework, and accompanying implementation guidance, and well-designed and cost-effective IT control processes and activities.

The report also includes the results of audit work on:

  • Advanced Education and Technology’s monitoring of vocational programs and degrees offered by private institutions (page 37)
  • Northern Alberta Institute of Technology’s construction-management processes (page 45)
  • Department of Energy’s system for identifying and managing conflicts of interest (page 53)
  • Ministry of Transportation’s system for identifying and managing conflicts of interest for contracted IT professionals (page 149)
  • Municipal Affairs and Housing’s affordable housing grant for Monarch Place (page 163)
  • College and technical institute computer controls (page 191)
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